Getting Started

Learn how to use Deft French to improve your language skills.


Start by choosing a topic that appeals to you or a particular verb you wish to learn. Swipe down to browse through the phrases. Tap the text to hear how the phrase is pronounced (make sure your device audio is not muted and the volume is turned up!)

Browse Screenshot


When you are ready, tap the start test button at the bottom of the screen and choose the type of test you want.

  • French to English hides the English text – tap the eye icon to reveal the translation.
  • French Listening hides both the French and English, and plays the French audio. Tap the eye icon to reveal the translation, or the speaker icon to hear the audio again.
  • English to French hides the French text – tap the eye icon to reveal the translation.

Test Screenshot

Once you have revealed the translation, if you were correct, swipe right to move on to the next phrase. If you didn’t translate correctly, swipe left and the phrase will be added to your revision list before moving on to the next one.


Choosing revision from the selector at the bottom of the screen will show your revision list for that topic or verb. Again, swipe down to browse through your revision phrases, then test yourself when you are ready. In a revision test, swiping right will remove that phrase from the revision list, swiping left will leave it in there.

Work through the different topics, following the Browse, Test and Revise pattern, and see how quickly you can commit the phrases to memory.

Other features

  • Shuffle: Turn shuffle on to randomise the order of the phrases. If shuffle is off the phrases are presented in order of difficulty.
  • Level: The phrases are divided into 5 levels of difficulty. Tap the level button to choose which levels you wish to see.
  • Info: Tapping the info button will show or hide the info window at the top of the screen – this displays details of the grammatical contents of each phrase.